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Welcome to This is Pi Day ….’s Artist Blog — Pi Art² — where I write about the tools, technologies and techniques I use to draw a weekly web comic.

Do you Like (Drawing) Web Comics?

Pi Art² is the companion site to This is Pi Day, an independent web comic about fatherhood, running, video games, science, art, independence, integrity, imagination and just generally … family adventure. It is created, written, illustrated, and promoted by Brad Salomons from a quiet suburb of a remote Canadian city called Edmonton, Alberta.

This site will slowly, week by week, start to build a small collection of videos, articles, and tutorials by the artist about the technology & tactics used to create an online web comic. I will cover topics such as drawing in Inkscape, file and art library management, running a social media channel and website, and finding inspiration.

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This is Pi Day publishes strips on Saturday mornings. Minor strips show up whenever I have time to make a new one.

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We regularly celebrate at the great circle of math, science and technology culture. This is Pi Day has been calculated as the product of one geeky dad, one curious kid, and an irrational volume of corny dad jokes.