Web Comics: Notes on a Production Lifecycle

As of this writing, I’ve drawn (maybe not yet published, but definitely drawn) one hundred and fifty unique comic strips for This is Pi Day. The exact style and structure of those strips vary from single-panel dad-gags through a handful of strips that have been six panels long and built on a more complex parental […]

Creating Cartooning Frames as Vector Objects in Inkscape

Depending on your art style, one of the defining features of a cartoon panel is the frame. If you’ve read my comic, This is Pi Day, you will no doubt have noticed that I have a fairly strict frame style that contains my strips, no matter if they are one panel, three panel, four panel, […]

Using the Calligraphic Brush for Cartooning in Inkscape

Personal style is going to be the biggest factor in deciding what tools you use to draw your comic, and my personal style is no exception. As you set out to start a new comic, figuring out what that style is, and thus what tools you are going to use is extremely important because: it […]