About this Site

If you’ve stumbled to this blog prior to visiting my web comic then I would suggest taking ten minutes and clicking over to This is Pi Day at some point. The rest of this might make sense.

A Companion Site

Pi Art² is the companion site to This is Pi Day, an independent web comic about fatherhood, running, video games, science, art, independence, integrity, imagination and just generally … family adventure. It is created, written, illustrated, and promoted by Brad Salomons from a quiet suburb of a remote Canadian city called Edmonton, Alberta.

This site will slowly, week by week, start to build a small collection of videos, articles, and tutorials by the artist about the technology & tactics used to create an online web comic. I will cover topics such as drawing in Inkscape, file and art library management, running a social media channel and website, and finding inspiration.

Some of the topics I (hope to) cover are:

  • using WordPress as a platform to manage a web comic blog
  • drawing, colouring, and exporting in Inkscape
  • techniques for posting on social media to promote your work
  • managing files, art libraries, image types, backups and other assets
  • developing characters, styles, dialog and a consistent comic world

The Author… Artist… Your Host

Brad has been online since accidentally stumbling into a college computer lab while looking for a washroom but instead discovering a dozen computers glowing with the inviting hues of Netscape Navigator. That was 1995. Since then he’d launched dozens of web sites, created blogs, comics, podcasts, books, web applications, and more… and tried nearly everything that can legally be done online… except online dating. Who needs that when you’ve got a patient and supportive wife?

Check out his real blog at blog.8r4d.com